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What keeps us from writing, and what to do about it

Stuck on the Road to Publication

Though Krissy Cruz has written hundreds of blog posts, writing fiction hasn’t come so easy–until 2015, when she began her publishing journey in earnest via structured writing classes.

The Land of Milk and Honey

The solution to Barby Tan’s quarter-life crisis was not found in drastic changes or deep introspection. Instead, she found what she needed in a higher power.

College Bound: CETting Goals

Sam Eustaquio is familiar with the challenges of choosing a future in Creative Writing. By CETting goals, she moves past the self-doubt & becomes unstuck.

The Writing Funk

For Galvanizer editor Bea Pantoja, a writing funk last year affected other areas of her life in an unexpectedly big way. Her experiences & advice on how to move past it in your own time, on your own terms.

The Lonely Writers’ Club

Writers treasure solitude to work, but what if life has other plans? Marla Miniano explores what happens when lonely writers aren’t lonely anymore.

Getting Over the Wall

Tips from an artist, a novelist, a columnist, and a professor on overcoming writer’s block and facing the work that needs to be done. Getting over the wall is challenging, but not impossible!

The Food Girl

For Mikka Wee, food and writing about food is everything–or is it? Here, she weighs the meaning of being called The Food Girl against her desire to be known for something more.

Issue Notes

On being stuck, and getting unstuck. This issue is about finding our way out of ruts big and small.