The Galvanizers is a monthly e-zine for young women writers.


"Page One"

On beginnings new and old, real and imagined.

This is Point A

In this poignant and honest article, Shek writes about what it means to call yourself a writer. It’s not about the fancy words, but about having the courage to go and put yourself out there.

So You Want to Get Started

If you’re currently stuck and need a short pep talk to help you power through, Galvanizer editor Isa’s super short list of practical advice just might be the literary shotglass you need.

Featured Storyteller: Camille Pilar

We ride the waves (figuratively) with Camille Pilar: poet, screenplay writer and certified lover of the sea. Here, she tackles the art of storytelling and makes the connection between her great loves: writing and surfing.

Excerpt: Roses by Johnalene Baylon

Returning contributor, Johna, shares an excerpt from her beautiful anthology of essays, Out On Seventh Street. This bittersweet piece is about more than just flowers: it’s about remembering love.

A Handful of Firsts

One artist & writer reflects on her collection of journals over the years by sharing a selection of first pages. A brave and intimate look at the highs and lows of a creative life as they happen.

The Day I Quit Blogging

After being Everyday Isa for four years, Galvanizer editor Isa decided to kill her blog for good. Sounds a bit gruesome, but she explains why she found so much liberation in finally starting over.

Forgive the Suckage: On False Starts

Galvanizer editor Bea gets candid about her hate-hate relationship towards Page One and explains the truth you need to hear but refuse to believe: that suckage is, ultimately, a big part of the process.

This Moon Equivalent

You may have been wondering what it takes to actually get published. (Short answer: determination.) Johna recounts the journey of writing (and finishing!) her now published anthology of essays and the personal revolution she experienced.