"You Are the Sun"

Issue Notes

What you’ll find in this issue of The Galvanizers: daydreamers, jealous haters, body snatchers, advocates of romance, writers for hire, and so much more!

Love What You Love

There’s an ongoing conversation right now among bookworms. One camp believes that adults should not indulge in YA. The other camp believes otherwise. Galvanizer editor Isa weighs in on the issue.


Before you can become a fulltime writer, you have to get a day job. But when your day job is copywriting and your passion is literary writing, how do you manage? Does the love wane? Do you carry on?


Part of what comes with being a writer is the never-ending struggle to be great and find your own version of success. As you watch friends and fellow writers soar, it isn’t uncommon to feel that guilty pang of envy. Galvanizer editor Bea gets real about resenting the pixel perfect life.

Dreaming Sideways

When you start out with the dream of becoming a writer, the future glows with potential. But the journey is paved with fear. Krissy writes about the dreaming, the overcoming and the eventual doing.


Writers don’t have it easy, especially when you’re your own worst critic. In ‘Better’, Krysty gives an honest portrayal of the glory and tension of taking on the page.