How to Contribute

Three times a week, The Galvanizers aims to publish stories relevant to the topic of young women and writing. We are currently looking for strong, informative features for our August 2015 issue, which is themed Flights of Fantasy. How does magic, in all its forms, find its way into our stories and writing process?

Some ideas to ponder: speculative fiction, magical realism, leaps of faith, every day miracles, fairy tale and folklore, prayers to muses, semi-serious suggestions of sacrificial offerings, etc.

We also consider features that are not theme-specific, but are relevant to the magazine’s general focus. Basically, if we love it, we’ll find a way to include it!

If you would like to contribute, please send us a pitch at

General Guidelines

We publish: articles, lists, interviews, creative nonfiction, reviews, personal essays, manifestos, odes to ordinary objects, and drawings like one of your French girls. We are not a literary magazine, but occasionally publish fiction excerpts. We prefer features 750 words and longer (unless it’s a list or something) but evaluate each idea by its own merit.

We want to reflect the diversity of all those who consider themselves women writers. So, while we recommend having a look at our current and previous issues, they are not the definitive example of the voice, tone, and subject matter we seek. We welcome contributions from all over the world, by women from all walks of life. Our biggest limitation is in reach, not attitude, but we are working to expand this.

For any questions, or to send us a pitch, please email